Monday, February 4, 2013

The No “Girly” Push-Ups Challenge! #nogirlypushups

I've joined so many challenges to improve my fitness what is one more?

Currently I'm in a squat challenge, plank a day challenge, February Heart, Butt and Leg Challenge, and the February Heart Smart Challenge.  Each day is filled with exercises that are to be done for that day, I find these great motivators and use them along with my regular exercise routine.  I have a specific goal to get to for my birthday, which is April 1st, and I am truly focused to get there!  So along with the above challenges I've also joined in on the "The No "Girly" Push-Ups Challenge".

push ups square Announcing: The No Girly Push Ups Challenge!

So I'm ready and up for the challenge...are you??  Join today!

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