Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jif To Go | Travel Pack Giveaway

The Dirty T Shirt blog is hosting a great giveaway ending August 9th, 2011. TWO lucky readers will win the following prize

Jif To Go Travel Pack includes:

Jif To Go Creamy Peanut Butter
3-pack (1.5 oz. cups)
8-pack (1.5 oz. cups)
Tote Bag
$50 gift card to AutoZone
Jif Travel Mug
Travel Scrabble
Mini bags of pretzels

So what are you waiting for, enter!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kashi TLC Original 7 Grain Pita Crisps Review

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my mail box and found a whole full size box of Kashi Pita Crisps waiting for me to try. A great big thank you to Kashi for sending me my sample and coupons to enjoy! I couldn't wait to snack on them, knowing that they are free of hydrogenated oils, artificial ingredients and cholesterol snacking has become a guilt-less pleasure. These are great alone, this is how my daughter enjoyed them or paired with a great dip. I dipped them in Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip. It was absolutely delicious, and the sea salt wasn't an overpowering "salty" taste, it had the perfect amount.

"Delicious blend of 7 whole grains, cracked wheat, berries, with a sprinkling of sea salt"

The crisps come in two flavors: Original 7 Grain with Sea Salt or Savory Salsa.

For more information and for great dip recipes visit Kashi: TLC Pita Crisps

Save $1.00 here

**disclosure: I was sent a sample in the mail to my surprise, and decided to write a review. Opinions are my own, yours may differ

CVS Shopping Trip 7/24/11

Finally am able to post this, my shopping trip from Sunday

1 Renu @ $7.89 - $2.00 printable = $5.89 earning $6.00 ECB

2 skintimate @ $2.19 - $1.50 printable - $1.00 printable = $1.88

2 Hydro 5 razors @ $7.99- 2 $4.00 MFR = $7.98
Spend $20 on Schick earn $10 ECB

1 Kotex U @ $3.49 - $1.00 printable = $2.49 earning $2.00 ECB

1 pack of pens @ $1.99 earned $1.99 ECB = FREE

Total OOP = 17.03 earned $19.99 ECB

Friday, July 22, 2011

ACME Shoppig Trip 7/22/11

I think I did pretty good with this shopping trip. I had coupons for almost everything, and when you buy certain items you get back coupons to use on another shopping trip. I did 2 transactions

First transaction = $36.81 and received $6.00 back

Second transaction which was only the Brawny Paper Towel and Quilted Northern = $12.98 used the $6.00 from previous = $6.98 and received $2.00

Here is the circular in my area with the sale, yours may differ.

Here is the printable for the Minute Maid Enhanced $.75 off one and the Malt O Meal printable

CVS Shopping Trip 7/22/11

Transaction #1

Pepsi 3/$10 - $2 ECB from previous - $1 ECB (spring spending) = 3/$7.33 earning $3 ECB

Transaction #2

Pantene 2/$6.97 - $3.00/2 MFR - $3 ECB from previous = $1.22

Walgreens Shopping Trip 7/21/11

I did two transactions:

Transaction #1

2 Extreme Shick Razors @$5.99- 1 MFR BOGO FREE Coupon =$5.99 earning $2 RR

Transaction #2

3 Kelloggs Poptarts @ 3/$6.00 - 1 printable $2/3 - $2 RR from previous = 3/$2.00

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Something Different

OMGEEEEEEEE, it is hot out there. I decided to start my day early which is 9:00am for me and venture out to get my exercise in before it got even hotter. I usually walk for about an hour, mixing it up with running but today I did it a little differently.

I saw this article in an old Prevention magazine that I didn't read, from October 2009 and since it's summer I'm catching up! The title was "Walk Off 2 sizes in 6 weeks". The routine keeps your heart rate elevated to burn maximum calories while helping improve strength, balance and flexibility. It cardio portion included:

  • a warm up of walking at a brisk pace,
  • high knees,
  • brisk walking again
  • "frankenstein walk,
  • more brisk walking,
  • walking lunges (which I LOVE),
  • traveling squats,
  • more brisk walking
  • skipping (I probably looked like a goof ball)
  • backpeddling,
  • crossovers
  • more brisk walking
  • shuffles

I didn't do it exactly since I did it from memory rather than having the paper in hand and forgot the backpedal and shuffles. It was an awesome routine, something different to make it enjoyable and boy did I sweat. The article also had a strength exercise which I didn't do, since I was already a ball of sweat and couldn't function anymore. I will work on some yoga later today!

What exercises do you do to make exercises more enjoyable and less a chore?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Downy Unstoppables Review

Downy Unstopables is an in wash scent booster. It goes directly into the washer to give a boost of fresh scent.

You toss a little or a LOT (dispenser provided in cap) at the beginning of your load directly in the washer.

Do not put in your liquid dispenser or dryer

safe for all colors, fabrics and loads

great for active wear and towels

High Efficiency compatible

can be used with or without fabric softner

I received a full size sample of the "Fresh" Downy Unstopables from vocalpoint. The "Fresh" scent is just that fresh, it smells very good. I was getting ready to wash my dog's bed and decided to use this to "freshen it up" and see how well it performs. After washing the bed I took a whiff and it smelled so good. It's been 2 weeks since using the product and decided to smell my dogs bed tonite, and it still has a slight fresh scent. I am thoroughly pleased with this product and definitely would use again.

To find out more visit

**disclosure: I received a full size sample for my review, opinions are my own and yours may differ

Rite Aid Shopping Trip 7/12/11

Transaction #1
(1)Scott Towel $7.99 - $1.00 MFR = $6.99 Earned $1.00 UP reward
(2) Schick Hydro Razors @ $7.99 - (2) $4.00 MFR = $7.98 Earned (2) $2.00 UP rewards

used a $10 UP reward from a previous visit making my total OOP $5.53 and earned $5.00 UP rewards

Transaction #2
(2) Old Spice Deodorants @ 2 for $7.00 - $1.00 MFR = 2/$6.00 Earned a $2.00 UP reward
(1) Old Spice Body Wash @ $4.49 - Free MFR coupon when buying deodorant (P&G) = Free
(1) Softsoap @ $2.99 - .75 MFR = $2.24 Earned a $2.00 UP reward

Total = $3.25 OOP after using $5.00 UP from previous transaction, earning $4.00 UP rewards

Transaction #3

(2) Stacy Pita Chips @ 2/$6.00 - (2) $.55 MFR = $4.90 Earned $1.00 UP reward
(1) Crest Pro Health Rinse @ $3.99 - $1.00 MFR (P&G) = $2.99 Earned $1.50 UP reward

Used the $4.00 UP from previous transaction, total OOP = $3.94 and earned $2.50 UP rewards

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bath & Body Works 20% OFF

Head on over to Bath & Body Works and score a deal with a 20% off code (TWENTY).

They have some great deals that are 75% off, and also use the above code for an awesome score.

I love their foaming hand antibacterial hand wash, and some are on sale for $2.50 like the above
"Apple Pie".