Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Something Different

OMGEEEEEEEE, it is hot out there. I decided to start my day early which is 9:00am for me and venture out to get my exercise in before it got even hotter. I usually walk for about an hour, mixing it up with running but today I did it a little differently.

I saw this article in an old Prevention magazine that I didn't read, from October 2009 and since it's summer I'm catching up! The title was "Walk Off 2 sizes in 6 weeks". The routine keeps your heart rate elevated to burn maximum calories while helping improve strength, balance and flexibility. It cardio portion included:

  • a warm up of walking at a brisk pace,
  • high knees,
  • brisk walking again
  • "frankenstein walk,
  • more brisk walking,
  • walking lunges (which I LOVE),
  • traveling squats,
  • more brisk walking
  • skipping (I probably looked like a goof ball)
  • backpeddling,
  • crossovers
  • more brisk walking
  • shuffles

I didn't do it exactly since I did it from memory rather than having the paper in hand and forgot the backpedal and shuffles. It was an awesome routine, something different to make it enjoyable and boy did I sweat. The article also had a strength exercise which I didn't do, since I was already a ball of sweat and couldn't function anymore. I will work on some yoga later today!

What exercises do you do to make exercises more enjoyable and less a chore?

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