Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Candy Deal

I went to Rite Aid today expecting to spend $25 in candy, and receiving $10 back in up rewards. Well it didn't happen that way, but I'm still happy with the price I paid....

The 2 big bags were orginally 12.99 on sale for $9.99 each. I had one $2.00 off one coupon, and $1.50 off the other (coupons found at The crunch and butterfinger were 2/$5.00 minus $1.00/2 MFG coupon. I had a $5.00 up reward coupon from a previous purchase, $4.00/$20 and $1.00 coupon from watching videos at

total came to $26.?? - 14.50 = $11.?? (I lost the receipt so this is all from memory)

I didn't receive the $10 up reward because I didn't buy the "advertised" candy...oh well, I think I still did pretty good!

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