Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Home-Ec 101" By Heather Solos Review

Home-Ec: 101: Skills for Everyday Living: Cook It, Clean It, Fix It, Wash It by author Heather Solos and One2OneNetwork member shares tips on everyday challenges found in the home. From cleaning tips and tricks, help with laundry stains, odors and repairs, simple handyman fixes, and difficulties in the kitchen. This is the perfect book for college grads, and the most experienced.

"Heather's advice is easy to apply and is written with the same witty style and attitude readers love on her blog, Charts, tips, sidebars and "Dear Home Ec 101" letters cover offer the tools you need to keep your home clean and in good repair."

I had the opportunity to read Chapter 20 of the book Meal Planning: Not Just for the Control Freaks and found the section very easy to read, with some humor added so you can relate to the book. I mostly find myself once, twice or maybe three times a week with that dreaded question "what's for dinner?" This section gives you great advice on how to plan meals, gives meal ideas, and how to avoid the rut.

I really enjoyed reading the section that was provided to me. I didn't find it boring to read at all, like some "how to" books which I normally find myself saying "huh?!" This book is on a level of understanding and a fun read.

This book can be purchased at or barnes& . This would be a perfect gift for anyone.

**Disclosure: I am a member of One2OneNetwork and was giving a free copy of the book for my review, and eligible for prizing. No form of compensation was given to me for my review, opinions are my own.

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