Friday, April 8, 2011

Yanni "Truth Of Touch" Review

I was first introduced to the music of Yanni years ago through my husband and not only fell in love with my husband but also the music. Yanni's melody and rhythm just takes me to another place of calmness and peace. In my little world of three kids, a husband and a dog being pulled in different directions I sure do need some peace.

Yanni's Truth Of Touch is his first instrumental release in 8 years. “I work the rhythms in this album,” explains Yanni about the new material. “There is a beautiful complexity in these rhythms, a new sound design. I think the melodic content is very strong and very memorable. I was having fun with this album and that’s going to become apparent.”

I recently had the opportunity to listen to the album and I must say that I throughly enjoyed the beauty created. As you listen to the melody and the instrumental design of it you feel drawn into it, and find yourself closing your eyes enjoying the peaceful place created by Yanni and you. My 9 year old son made a comment in passing as the album was playing, he said "It sounds like we are in heaven".

The album is available for purchase at your favorite store now.

On March 22, Yanni launched a 40-date tour of the US and Canada:

4/8/2011 Atlantic City, NJ SOLD OUT

4/9/2011 New York, NY SOLD OUT

4/11/2011 Charlotte, NC

4/12/2011 Durham, NC

4/14/2011 Jacksonville, FL

4/15/2011 West Palm Beach, FL SOLD OUT

4/16/2011 Miami, FL SOLD OUT

4/18/2011 Tampa, FL

4/19/2011 Naples, FL SOLD OUT

4/20/2011 Orlando, FL

4/22/2011 Greenville, SC

4/23/2011 Atlanta, GA

4/29/2011 Denver, CO

4/30/2011 West Valley City, UT

5/2/2011 Seattle, WA

5/3/2011 Spokane, WA

5/4/2011 Portland, OR

5/6/2011 San Jose, CA

5/7/2011 San Francisco, CA

5/8/2011 Los Angeles, CA

5/10/2011 Fresno, CA

5/12/2011 Santa Ynez, CA

5/13/2011 San Diego, CA

5/14/2011 Las Vegas, NV

5/15/2011 Glendale, AZ

5/17/2011 El Paso, TX

5/19/2011 Houston, TX

5/20/2011 Grand Prairie, TX

5/21/2011 McAllen, TX

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**Disclosure: I'm a member of the One2OneNetwork I received a copy of the album for my honest review where I'm able to win prizing. The opinions are my own and yours may differ.

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