Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Attempt At Homemade Biscuits

Tonight I made a yummy homemade vegetable beef soup. I used a combination of different recipes from my "Fix It and Forget It" Cookbook to make it my own. With the soup, I wanted some bread but just didn't feel like making a trip out to the store for rolls or french bread. I searched the internet and found a recipe for homemade biscuits and found this one at "Granny's Kitchen". It seemed easy enough, and the only difference I made to the recipe was adding rice milk instead of the milk due to my son with the dairy allergy. My problem is was it suppose to brown on the top? Or should I say, why didn't they brown? This is what they looked like coming out of the oven....

The recipe called for them to be cooked in a 425-450 degree oven for 12-15minutes. I thought this to be a bit high only because my oven is funny. I didn't want them to burn so I cooked them at 350 degrees and took them out when I saw them browning on the bottom. My daughter suggested I turn them over so that is why they are brown on top, otherwise they would of never....I wanted even browning. They were very good, and the kids enjoyed them....that is all that matters but mama wanted them "pretty"!

So any suggestions??

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