Monday, March 21, 2011

"HOP" Into Theaters April 1st

My family and I had the opportunity to see an advanced screening of the movie "HOP" which comes out in theaters April 1st thanks to and Universal Pictures.

From the makers of "Despicable Me", this movie stars James Marsden (Fred O'Hare), Russell Brand (voice of E.B.), Kaley Cuoco (Samantha O'Hare), Hank Azaria (voice of Carlos & Phil) ,

E.B., the teenage son of Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, was suppose to take over the rein of being the Easter Bunny from his father but runs away from his home at Easter Island to chase his dream of being a drummer in Hollywood. When reaching Hollywood and searching he gets hit by Fred, a man without a clue what to do with his life. Together, they both discovered who they were meant to be.

Our overall opinion of the movie was positive. "HOP" is a live action, animated film. The animated parts of the film blended perfectly with the live action. It has lots of laughs and is a pleasure to enjoy with the whole family. I noticed in the theater every child was completely engaged in the movie, along with the adults. E.B. is a bunny to fall in love with, I certainly did!!

So go hop to a theater near you April 1st and see this fun, family friendly movie for all to enjoy. I'm sure it will not disappoint!

To learn more about the movie visit . There you can find more about the movie, games, downloads, and images all related to the movie.

Thank you again to and Universal Pictures. When we arrived my kids received gifts of a t-shirt and bunny ears. This was completely unexpected and a wonderful surprise!!

** Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to see this free private screening from and Univeral Pictures. No monetary compensation was received for my review, or my opinion. Opinion is my own, and yours may differ.

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