Sunday, November 20, 2011

Are You A Member of Pssst.....

I've been member of Psst...  for some time and have received some great sampling opportunities.  Recently Psst... sent me TWO FULL SIZE boxes of Golden Graham, and Lucky Charms Milk & Cereal Bars.  Of course, the kids gobbled them up before I even had a chance.  Back in January, I received my first "My GetTogether" Kit to host a party.  This was a lot of fun!!

So if you enjoy grabbing deals, sneak peaks, or the opportunity to host in-home parties and aren't a member yet click HERE


  1. This sounds cool! I love product testing--I have been doing it through surveys for about ten years (frightening!). I will have to give this site a try. Nice to meet you through MBC!

  2. This sounds like a great thing. I signed up. We'll see where it goes. Can't hurt right? Thanks.