Saturday, December 3, 2011

I've Been Pre-Selected For The Holiday VoxBox Program

 photo courtesy of (my holiday badge earned)



"Congratulations!  We are happy to announce that you have been pre-selected to participate in the holiday voxbox program!"

This is the email I received today.  I joined influenster in October and was pre-selected for the holiday program.  I'm super excited to see what I could possibly get in the box, it'll be a great surprise. Perfect time of year too!!

You ask what's influenster?  It's a site where you earn badges according to how influential you are and in turn you receive opportunities to get VoxBoxes.  What is a VoxBox you ask?  A VoxBox is a themed box full of great products from health, beauty, grooming, snack, beverages, and lifestyle brands.  Once recieved you sample and test, give feedback and then spread the word on the brands you rate positively.

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