Friday, December 16, 2011

RedBox 12 Days of Deals & Prizes

I love renting from RedBox.  It's convenient, cheap, and easy to rent the latest new movies on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Now they also carry family video games.  I received a RedBox mission from and of course I couldn't say "NO", we love family movie night!!

Redbox is hosting 12 Days of Deals & Prizes and offering daily prizes from December 13 thru December 24. Text FUN to 727272 for instant savings of 25 cents - $1 off of your movie and game rentals, as well as a chance to be entered to win a daily prize from Redbox. Each day, a random drawing will select a winner with top prizes from Sony, Wii, Barnes & Noble, Activision and more.

So tomorrow looks like a family night of "The Smurfs"!

**disclosure:  I'm a member of and have received a coupon code for one free rental at our local RedBox kiosk.

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  1. That's good that Redbox has come out with a new promotion due to the fact that they just had a price change. Luckily since I have been working at DISH, they have introduced Blockbuster Movie Pass to us and it comes in handy for entertaining my children on winter break. We just got snowed on and we hate having to load everyone in the van but since we got Blockbuster Movie Pass we can just stream thousands of movies to our TV and computer or have the option of having games, TV shows and movies mailed to my home. We save money on gas and get to stay warm. My kids love getting access to the latest games and we no longer pay extra fees when wanting a Blu-ray movie like with Redbox or Netflix.