Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Social Media Goals for 2012

This is DAY 1 in my 366 Blog Dare on

a mom blog community

Hmmmmm, let me see..... My social media goals for 2012?  In 2010 when this blog was started, I had no idea what I was doing.  I discovered blog giveaways then, and became completely addicted and that is why I began the blog to help gain additional entries.  Since then it has grown just a little, venturing somewhat further.   I have been contacted (and that is an awesome feeling) by several companies for product reviews in exchange for a blog post.  Everyday I'm learning more and more eventually wanting to feel confident in what I'm doing so that is goal one.  As far as social media content my goal is.....


Right now I have 1,191 followers.  I would love to be at least to 2,100 by the end of 2012.  I'm already following 1,979 and really can't follow anymore until I get MY followers up. 


I haven't delved into this yet, only have a personal page.  Through some great bloggy facebook groups I belong to, I have been convinced to make one.  Once this page is up, I hope to have at least 250 likes by December 2012....that's very realistic I think!


Through the blogosphere I hear this is being phased out, but unsure if it's for blogger.  If kept, right now I have 151 followers and would LOVE to be at 300 by December 2012. 

Google +:

I'm really unsure about google +, but at the moment I have more people in my circle then they do me.  I would love to at least have the same number if not more. 


My goal for Bloggymoms is to complete the 366 day challenge....only 365 more days to go!!!! 

But I'm not going to press on the numbers to much.  I'm constantly trying to compare myself to other bloggers and wonder what am I doing so wrong and they so right.  I also feel I just not good enough to do this, but I have to learn to enjoy! Enjoy the process, and any opportunities presented to me and do my best!!!

Happy 2012 everyone, here's to a great year!


  1. Welcome to the 2012 Blog Dare! Looking forward to a great year of sharing and growing with one another. Best of luck on your social media goals for this year!

  2. Great post! I'm a follower from bloggymoms..I'll add you to twitter too!

    My site is:, My FB and twitter pages are linked from there if you want to add me there too =)

  3. Visiting from Blog Dare. Great goals!