Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Tide Coldwater Challege

I had the opportunity to try Tide Coldwater through SheSpeaks and Tide.  A year or so ago I bought a brand new HE machine.  I noticed when I received this bottle of Tide, this wasn't recommended for HE machines. I didn't feel comfortable using a non-recommended detergent in my HE machine, so off to the store I went to buy some Tide Coldwater HE to give my full honest review. 


Tide is my normal "go-to" detergent, but I usually purchase the Original Tide.  I like to clean my sheets and towels in warm water as I feel this gets them cleaner.  According to Tide, "Tide Coldwater is formulated to clean better than the next leading liquid detergent in warm".  Also by using Tide Coldwater you can save money, with a savings of up to 80% of energy in every load.  Over time that is A LOT of money to spend elsewhere! So why switch to Tide ColdWater? Well, it will save you on energy costs and works just as well as the other leading brands in warm water.   Tide Coldwater will still perform with great results even if you forgot and wash in warm water.  By using this product it sounds like you just can't lose.

My family left me with this nice pile of  clothes to help with my review (aren't they the sweetest?!)  These clothes weren't heavily soiled, they were just gently worn from a typical day.  Tide Coldwater Fresh Scent performed just to my expectations.  They came out just as clean as if I would of washed them in warm.    Now after doing these loads, only if I could of used the energy I conserved by using Tide Coldwater on myself....whew!!!

Tide Coldwater is available in two great scents:  Fresh Scent and Mountain Spring. 
To learn more visit Tide 


**disclosure: Tide and SheSpeaks provided me a full size bottle of Tide to express my opinion.  By doing so, I'm also receiving a gift card as form of compensation for my review.

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